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Pipe Maker Adds Tension Stand,
Rewind Reel for Oscillate-Wound Coils

Wednesday, December 22, 2010
Coe Press Equipment, Sterling Heights, MI, has delivered a special tension stand and rewind reel for oscillate-wound coils to the Tyler Pipe coupling-manufacturing facility in Marshfield, MO. The rewind reel handles coils to 4000 lb and up to 12 in. wide; rewind speed peaks at 300 ft./min. True-radius mandrel pads on the reel help to maintain consistent pressure and coil-ID shape. The reel mounts on precision linear bearings with 12 in. of travel, for building the oscillate-wound coils; servo-driven rotation and side-to-side controls ensure precise process monitoring. Learn more at; Tyler Pipe is online at


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