Retrofittable Window-Mount Transfers

Friday, October 1, 2010
Linear Transfer Automation, Barrie, Ontario, Canada, has recently installed a number of heavy-duty window-mounted transfer systems
heavy duty window-mounted transfer systems
on large-bed presses, and will have representatives on hand in the METALFORM technology area to explain the design—a perfect solution for dual- or single-ram large-bed presses that have old, worn-out mechanical transfer systems. The systems can mount either above or below the feed path and take up a lot less room than the systems they are replacing. These new servo transfers, robust and flexible, have an unrestricted range of motion, opening up the press for new programs. Motion profiles are smoother than the restricted mechanical profiles, and with the elimination of mechanical slop and rounded-out curves, transfer-rail deflection is minimal, allowing very heavy payloads to run at much higher speeds then ever thought possible in the past.


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