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Servo-Press Lines, with Crossbar-Feed
Automation, Installed at BMW Plants

Wednesday, September 23, 2009
The Schuler Group has installed two new stamping-press lines at the BMW Group’s facilities in Leipzig and Regensburg, Germany. The lines feature Schuler’s ServoDirect technology, blank loaders, crossbar-feeder automation and end-of-line automation. BMW will install a third Schuler line at its Munich plant in 2011. The line in Leipzig, launched on September 9, 2009, will produce more than 40 parts for the BMW 1 and X1 series. The 320-ft. line includes six servo presses linked by seven crossbar feeders, with a total press force of 11,600 tons, including a 2800-ton leadoff press; speed capacity is 17 strokes/min. Learn more at


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