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Square-Wave GTAW Power for Welding Thin to Thick Sheet

Monday, September 1, 2008
The new Precision TIG 225 from The Lincoln Electric Co., Cleveland, OH, features AC and DC output, increased welding output and new auxiliary power. Its wide operating range allows for flexibility—as low as 5 A on both AC and DC on thin materials, and a maximum of 230 A for heavier applications.

Use the Precision TIG 225 for welding aluminum, stainless- or carbon-steel sheetmetal.

Patented technology delivers stable arc starting, even at the lowest amperages. It minimizes high frequency used for arc starting as well as the need for hot starting often required with competitive units. This technology also reportedly delivers enhanced arc stability throughout the welding cycle. Arc wander is virtually eliminated, and soft, controlled ramp-down of welding current aids the operator in achieving high-quality crater fills at the end of each weld.

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