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Compact GTA Welder

Friday, August 1, 2008
The Lincoln Electric Co., Cleveland, OH, introduces the Invertec V310-T AC/DC, a lightweight, compact gas-tungsten-arc welding (GTAW) solution for advanced motorsports, aerospace, ship building and construction.
Compact GTA Welder

The machine’s most recognizable feature is its large, bright LCD screen—the Dynamic Display—making all relevant parameters visible at a glance. This gives the operator ultimate control over weld processes from simple stick mode and basic GTAW to AC/DC GTAW pulse welding.

The screen offers easy viewing of adjustable parameters with a single control knob, allowing the user to scroll through each setting. More complicated controls, such as AC frequency, are readily viewable and, for example, show how the arc is affected when parameters are changed or adjusted.

The Invertec V310-T allows users to customize the arc through its adjustable AC frequency and selectable waveshapes.

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