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Grind and Blend Kit for Stainless Steel

Sunday, June 1, 2008
An abrasive grind and blend kit for stainless steel that removes
Grind and blend kit for stainless steel
heavy welds and leaves the surface ready for graining or final finishing is available from Rex-Cut Products, Inc., Fall River, MA.

The Grind and Blend Kit for stainless steel features two Type-27 wheels—one to grind down welds and cracks and another to remove remaining scratches and leave a 32 RMS or better finish. Providing smooth, chatter-free operation, the combination is ideal for removing heavy welds and then preparing the surface for graining or final finishing.

Offered with or without hubs in 41⁄2-in.-dia. sizes, the kit includes a Sigma Green wheel that features a 36-grit zirconia-ceramic grain with a proprietary bonding for aggressive grinding and a 54-grit cotton fiber blending and finishing wheel for removing scratches.

Rex-Cut Products, Inc.: 508/678-1985;


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