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Part and Scrap Conveyor for Large-Part Low-Profile Conveying

Tuesday, April 1, 2008
Part and scrap conveyor
Pax Products, Inc., Celina, OH, introduces the DMC part and scrap conveyor, for applications requiring the removal of larger stamped parts and scrap, particularly in end-of-press applications.

The drum-motor-style conveyor features a robust 4.45-in.-dia. hermetically sealed pulley. Housed in the pulley is a geared motor. This design provides longevity and maintenance-free benefits by removing lubricants and other unwanted particles from the drivetrain’s working components.

The conveyors offer a 2-in. overall belt height and a durable urethane-laced belt. DMC conveyors are available in widths from 15 to 46 in. and lengths to 10 ft. Six fixed-speed offerings top out at 5 ft./min.

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