Precision Stamping and Value-Added Work

Saturday, March 1, 2008
Precision stamping and value-added work
Olson International, Ltd., Lombard, IL, is a multi-plant stamping company with extensive applications experience including the production of airbag and seat-rail assemblies, automotive electronics and household-appliance products.

Olson employs presses in capacities from 75 to 600 tons with max. bed sizes of 144 in. Plants are located in Lombard, Monterrey, Mexico, and Matamoros, Mexico, with tool design and construction located in the Matamoros facility. In addition to precision metal stampings, Olson provides extensive engineering services and performs the following value-added operations: staking, drilling, tapping, welding and TOX assembly of components to custom stampings, yielding finished parts ready for assembly on customer production lines.


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