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Friction-Stir-Welding System for High-Melting-Temperature Materials

Wednesday, October 1, 2008
ESAB Welding & Cutting Products, Florence, SC, introduces a new friction-stir-welding (FSW) system designed to weld high-melting-temperature materials, including ferrous alloys.

FSW provides many advantages over typical arc-welding processes, including lower total heat input and the elimination of solidification defects associated with arc welding. Because melting does not occur in FSW and joining takes place below the melting temperature of the material, a high-quality weld can be created with low heat input, minimal distortion, no filler material and no fumes.

The new system expands FSW to higher melting temperature such as ferritic steels, stainless and duplex stainless steels, and nickel-base alloys by using tools made from polycrystalline cubic boron nitride (PCBN), polycrystalline diamond (PCD) and abrasive materials such as metal matrix composites (MMC).

This new technology will be available in several styles, including a pipe welder designed with a special spindle head and pipe clamp to hold the pipe in place. This system can weld together pieces of pipe in a single pass.

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