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Adhesive Tapes for Attachment in Sheetmetal Electrical Enclosures

Thursday, November 1, 2007

M&C Specialties Co., Southampton, PA, offers 3M VHB 4611 and 5952 adhesive tapes for rapid, permanent attachment during the fabrication of electrical enclosures, particularly when attaching hat-channel stiffeners, viewing windows and print pockets. The double-coated and pressure-sensitive acrylic-foam tapes come in two designs and offer quick assembly, reduced shop noise, an aesthetically pleasing appearance and the choice to bond either before or after painting.

The tapes create a clean, smooth appearance on walls and doors, with no spot-weld defects or refinishing, and allow for neat application without the mess, ooze and curing delay of liquid adhesives. VHB 4611 and 5952 tapes bond and seal simultaneously, and protect against vibration, impact and weathering. They are listed under UL 746C.

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