Lubrication Technology for Metalformers

February 12-13
Hyatt Regency | Schaumburg (Chicago)

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Synthetic, semi-synthetic, soluble, pure oil—the lubricant choices available to metalformers can be overwhelming. Selection depends on numerous criteria, including the nature of the process, the application method, the workpiece material, and the part-finish required. As metalformers demand more from their tools, the best formulation will do much more than just lubricate the tool-workpiece interface. It should cool the die and protect it from wear, and ensure the appropriate part finish.

Lubricant cost and performance can make or break any stamping project. Successful metalforming companies continue looking at ways to conserve lubricant, through more precise application methods, while ensuring optimal performance in the die by studying ways to improve performance without damaging tooling.

This conference will bring stampers and die shops up to date on new lubricants for stamping and tool and die machining, and help them evaluate new formulations and select the right lubricant for the job. Attendees also will come away with an understanding of the various techniques available for applying lubricant, to ensure optimum application while minimizing waste.

Topics include:

  • Selecting the right lubricant for the job, based on material type, thickness, etc.
  • How to evaluate lubricants
  • New trends in lubricant formulations
  • Lubrication-system selection
  • Optimizing the lubricant-application process
  • Regulations surrounding lubrication—What you need to know
  • Maintenance and care of lubrication systems


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