Lubrication Technology for Metal Formers and Die Shops

February 12-13
Sheraton Detroit Novi Hotel | Novi, MI

—powered by MetalForming magazine and with support by the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers (STLE)

Synthetic, semi-synthetic, soluble, pure oil—the lubricant choices available to metalformers can be overwhelming. Selection depends on numerous criteria, including the nature of the process, the application method, the workpiece material, and the part-finish required. As metalformers demand more from their tools, the best formulation will do much more than just lubricate the tool-workpiece interface. It should cool the die and protect it from wear, and ensure the appropriate part finish.

In addition, metal forming companies must seek ways to conserve lubricant, through more precise application methods, while ensuring optimal performance.

This conference updates attendees on new lubricants for stamping and tool and die machining, and helps them evaluate new formulations. Attendees also gain an understanding of the various techniques available for applying lubricant.

Topics include:

  • Lubricant selection and use-working within automotive and appliance OEM requirements
  • Part-cleaning fundamentals
  • Green initiatives
  • Matching the lubricant to the workpiece material
  • How to evaluate new lubricants for the pressroom
  • Lubricants for lightweighting
  • Techniques for measuring lubricant thickness
  • Developing an overall QA strategy for ensuring reliable sheet metal lubrication
  • Applying internet of things technology to your lubrication strategy


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