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Total indicator reading. Absolute sum of all dimensional variance.

Tack Weld

Usually refers to a temporary weld used to hold parts in place while more extensive, final welds are made. In some sheet metal applications, tack welds may provide sufficient strength to eliminate the need for an all-around fillet weld.

Tap Drill Size

See Core Hole.


A flexible plastic wound strip coated with magnetic oxide and used for storing electronic data.

Tape Adhesion Test

Conducted by cross hatching the painted surface with a sharp knife in a 1/8 in. grid pattern, applying tape, allowing to sit for a specified period, and then removing with a quick pull perpendicular to the surface of the part.


Operation to create internal threads by either cutting or forming.

Temper Designation

Identifying systems to denote the hardness of a particular material.


Reheating quenched steel to a temperature below the critical range, followed by any desired rate of cooling. Tempering is done to relieve quenching stresses, or to develop desired strength characteristics.

Tensile Strength

Breaking strength of a material when subjected to a stretching force.

Test File

A CAD system file used to test the compatibility of supplier and customer CAD systems.