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Driven movable part of a metal forming machine.

Rear Cut Off

A device on a slide forming machine driven by a cam that is mounted on the rear shaft allowing the removal of a slug from the strip, thus providing the ability to produce a blank with special end shapes.


Operation in turret press fabrication denoting the release of the workholders, movement of the X axis to a new position on the workpiece, and the regripping of the workpiece so that a sheet larger than the X axis table travel can be fabricated.


Extent to which parts from multiple lots are identical.


Final cold rolling operation, usually done to achieve specific thickness control and improved finish.


Natural or synthetic basic material for coatings and plastics.

Resistance Projection Weld RPW

See Projection Weld.

Resistance Spot Welding RSW

Melting and joining action of two adjoining metal surfaces created by the thermal reaction of the metal to the flow of an electrical current forming a weld nugget.


A subsequent part drawing usually denoting new corrected or improved version.

Revision Description

A written notice describing the nature of changes to a drawing.