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Abbreviation used to designate a MacIntosh computer, manufactured by Apple Computer.

Magnetic Thickness Gauge

Device, applicable only to ferrous substrates, which measures the thickness of non-conductive coatings.


Usually a fixed tool on a slide forming machine that metal is formed against by the action of a slide-mounted form tool.

Manganese Mn

Lustrous redish-white metal of hard brittle and therefore non malleable character. Element number 25 of the periodic system. Atomic weight 54.93.


The degree to which a product can be efficiently and accurately produced using modern manufacturing methods.

Martempering or Marquenching

A form of interrupted quenching in which the steel is quenched rapidly from its hardening temperature to about 450 F, held at 450 F until the temperature is uniform, then cooled in air to room temperature.


A ferritic material with distinctive needle like structure which is always present in heat treat hardenable steel.

Martensitic Stainless Steel

Select group of 400 or 500 Series stainless steel which are magnetic and hardenable by heat treating.


Temporary shielding of a portion of a product to selectively prevent the application of a coating.

Master Carton

Large box, generally 42 in. wide, 48 in. long and 30 in. high, made from heavy test cardboard and designed to fit a standard pallet.