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Half Shearing

Partial penetration piercing, creating a locating button with a height of about 1/2 material thickness.

Hard Tooling

Tooling made for a specific part. Also called dedicated tooling.


The fundamental characteristic of a steel which determines the ease of preventing the transformation of austenite to anything else but martensite during the quench.


1 The physical components of a computer system. 2 Fasteners inserted into a sheet metal part.

Hardware List

Information that should be conveyed to the part supplier specifying part numbers, description and quality of fasteners.

Heat Sink

Good thermal conductor used to remove destructive heat from an area.

Hem Dutch Bend

Edge of material doubled over onto itself for the purpose of safe handling or to increase edge stiffness.

Hold-Down Marks

Slight indentations or scuff marks on one side of the stock which can result from the pressure of hold down devices during shearing operations.

Hole Rollover

Rounding of the top edge of a pierced feature caused by the ductility of the metal, which flows in the direction of the applied force.


Dimension between the center of a hole and another feature.