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Abrasion Resistance

Ability of a coating to withstand rubbing, scraping and eroding forces.


Sharp mineral particles, used for metal removal.

Abrasive Media

Matrix used to carry the mineral particles for the purpose of material removal.

Acidic Etching

Removal of surface contamination by corrosive treatment.


A block used to mount a form tool to a slide.

Air Bending

Forming operation in which a metal part is formed without the punch and die closing completely on the part. See Press Brake Chapter.

Air Hardening Steel

An alloy steel which will form martensite with high hardness when cooled in air from its proper hardening temperature.


Base metal with other metal or non-metal constituents melted together into a new molecular structure.


Commercial trade name for a chromate conversion coating over aluminum.

Aluminum Alloy

Pure aluminum which has been melted together with other constituents to achieve specific physical and mechanical properties.