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    Precision Metalforming Association
honors excellence in productivity, quality, training and education.
 An annual affair, the Precision Metalforming Associa- tion’s (PMA’s) Awards of Excellence in 2019 honors organizations that have excelled in the areas of pro- ductivity, quality, training and education. Selected by a com- mittee of PMA members, these honorees have met strict criteria and demonstrated excellence in their selected cat- egories. For more on PMA’s Awards of Excellence program, visit
Productivity Award
Anchor Manufacturing Group Cleveland, OH
Anchor Manufacturing Group, Inc., Cleveland, OH, received the 2019 Zierick Manufacturing Corp. Productivity Award for productivity gains realized on its crash-tube line, which manufactures three steering-column crash tubes. The company specializes in high-strength aluminum assem- blies, stainless-steel exhaust products, safety-critical parts, steering-column components and assemblies, and appear- ance parts.
Improving the crash-tube line was challenging due to tight part tolerances and high throughput expectations. Also challenging: the complexity of the line, which includes a five-station forming machine, a nine-station pierce machine, two CNC machining centers, a deburring operation, parts washer, stencil unit and a restrike press.
The first major improvements occurred on the form and pierce equipment to correct mechanical issues with the
Improvement of a complex steering-column crash-tube line at Anchor Manufacturing Group netted numerous benefits, includ- ing increased customer satisfaction due to improved on-time delivery and quality, and an annual savings of more than $567,000 resulting from scrap reduction and increased efficiency.
equipment as well as quality issues with the parts. Investi- gation of a galling issue in the forming machine revealed oil sprayers being bumped out of position and not spraying on the correct location of the tube. Hard-lining the lubrication system corrected this problem. Anchor also worked with its lubrication supplier to perform analyses on the lube at dif- ferent frequencies after a tank recharge. This helped deter- mine when the system needed to be recharged and led to
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