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 the addition of an appropriate preventive maintenance schedule.
In addition, parts falling and jamming at the conveyers between the form and pierce machines caused downtime and scrap. To fix this, Anchor engineered, built and imple- mented a pick-and-place system to move parts from one machine to the other. As for part quality, tubes exhibited missing holes as well as slots located out of location along the length of the tube. Anchor corrected these issues through the implementation of linear variable differential sensors and inline cameras.
Lastly, the two CNC machines and the deburring operation required three associates—one operator for each. Deter- mining an excess of time spent on non-value-added activities, Anchor worked with an outside company to fully automate the CNC operations using a gantry pick-and-place system and two robots.
Anchor achieved numerous benefits as a result of the productivity improvements, including increased customer satisfaction due to improved on-time delivery and quality, and an annual savings of more than $567,000 resulting from scrap reduction and increased efficiency. Anchor’s average scrap rate between the three parts was reduced from 3.9 to 1.35 percent. Additionally, the project increased production, from 181 parts/hr. with five associates to 240 parts/hr. with two associates.
Sponsored by Zierick Manufacturing Corp., Mount Kisco, NY, the Productivity Award recognizes outstanding achieve- ment by a manufacturing company in the development and implementation of programs, processes and use of assets that lead to significant improvements in productivity.
Quality Award
HK Metalcraft Lodi, NJ
HK Metalcraft (HKM), Lodi, NJ, earned the 2019 Pridgeon & Clay Excellence in Quality Award in recognition of its company-wide quality-management bonus system. Estab- lished in 1926, HKM is a fourth-generation, precision metal stamping company serving automotive, aerospace, military, appliance, electrical and other markets.
In its 15th year, HKM’s bonus system rewards all employ- ees if the company successfully ships zero defects (no cus- tomer returns) during a month. If successful during month one, employees receive a $25 bonus. After two months in a row, employees receive $50. The pattern repeats in subse- quent months, with $450 as the total bonus per employee for a perfect year. A month missed results in the bonus pro- gram starting over at the $25 level.
Originated in 2004 due to HKM’s inability to ship each month without a customer return, the program’s aim was to foster concern about quality with all employees. After implementation, the program took time for all employees to get on board, report company officials, but positives eventually resulted as HKM began shipping more months
2019 Winners
Zierick Manufacturing Corp. Productivity Award
Anchor Manufacturing Group Cleveland, OH
Pridgeon & Clay Excellence in Quality Award
HK Metalcraft Lodi, NJ
A.R. Hedberg Training and Education Award
North American Stamping Group Portland, TN
Clips & Clamps Industries Educational Institution Award
State Technical College of Missouri Linn, MO
No winners were selected for the following: Higgins-Caditz Design Award
Link Systems Process Control Award
Ulbrich Award for Competitive Excellence in Product
without quality returns.
Management commitment represents a key component
of the program, with Raymond Hopp, former HKM president, approving the plan in 2004 and promoting it to employees.
In its 15th year, HK Metalcraft’s (HKM’s) bonus system rewards all employees if the company successfully ships zero defects (no customer returns) during a month. The successful program has resulted in HKM receiving numerous customer quality awards. And, as of September 2019, the company had shipped without a customer return since January 2019.
Josh Hopp, current HKM president, continues to promote the award during monthly all-employee town hall meetings. The company decided to implement the bonus program to catch defects as early as possible and ultimately prevent the shipment of rejects to the customer. The bonus, an inte- gral part of HKM’s IATF audit, has received praise from TUV
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