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Awards of Excellence
 The successful program has resulted in HKM receiving numerous customer quality awards. And, as of September 2019, the company had shipped without a customer return since January 2019.
Sponsored by Pridgeon & Clay, Inc., Grand Rapids, MI, the Quality Award recognizes outstanding achievement by a manufacturing company in the development and imple- mentation of a company-wide quality system that effectively uses continuous improvement.
Training and Education Award
North American Stamping Group Portland, TN
North American Stamping Group (NASG), Portland, TN, was honored with the 2019 A.R. Hedberg Training and Edu-
Unpaid classroom hours represent the student’s commitment to the program. Apprentices work a minimum of 40 paid hours each week under the guidance of two full-time appren- tice team leaders, and as they progress, are paired with jour- ney workers.
NASG also provides an outstanding operational excellence program, with all leaders from shop-floor supervisors to the president and CEO required to undergo a one-week Total Quality Production System for Leadership workshop. The curriculum was developed in partnership with Toyota, Harvard School of Business and key Tier One Toyota suppliers. Since the program’s inception in 2016, nearly 400 associates have been trained, with $6.06 million in tangible cost savings attained in 2018. The company is on track to exceed these savings in 2019.
Additionally, NASG trains team members in problem solving, basic equipment care and 5S. Nearly 150 associates have been trained since the problem-solving workshop launched in August 2018; approximately 400 associates have been trained in basic equipment care since April 2017; and 1390 employees received 5S training since its inception in 2013.
The Training and Education Award recognizes an out- standing achievement by a company in employee technical education through a comprehensive training program. The award is sponsored by HPL Stampings, Inc., Lake Zurich, IL, in memory of A.R. (Ray) Hedberg, a leader in employee training.
Educational Institution Award
State Technical College of Missouri Linn, MO
State Technical College of Missouri, Linn, MO, earned the 2019 Clips & Clamps Industries Educational Institution
The 2-yr. precision machining technology program at State Tech- nical College of Missouri provides students with specialized knowledge in traditional and emerging technical areas, culminat- ing in an associate degree in Precision Machining Technology. The program boasts more than 80 current students, and a 99- percent job-placement rate for those who complete it.
 North American Stamping Group (NASG) developed a compre- hensive tool and die apprentice program as well as an opera- tional excellence program. Additionally, NASG trains team mem- bers in problem solving, basic equipment care and 5S.
cation Award. Founded in 1976, the Tier Two supplier of components, systems and aftermarket products for the auto- motive industry won for its outstanding tool and die appren- ticeship program and operational excellence training.
By partnering with the U.S. Department of Labor and the National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS), NASG developed a comprehensive tool and die apprentice program that combines two years of inhouse theory instruction with approximately 8000 shop hours. At every step of the program, the student must prove competency before advancing.
As apprentices build time in the shop and complete required NIMS projects, their pay increases toward the jour- ney worker rate. The curriculum includes a step-by-step progression through Level 1 and Level 2 NIMS projects to a study of practical tool and die construction and maintenance. The program also includes shop math, blueprint reading and drafting.
NASG currently is training 14 apprentices in three groups, due to different experience levels and start dates. Ten hours of training is conducted one day per week for each group.
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