Weld Systems Integrators Introduces Fast Rise Time MFDC Welding Equipment

February 3, 2021

weld-systems-integrators-FRT-MFDCWeld Systems Integrators, Inc. (WSI), Warrensville Heights, OH, a manufacturer of resistance welding (RW) equipment, has introduced a mid-frequency direct-current (MFDC) press-type RW machine.  This new addition to the WSI product lineup, which incorporates a fast rise time (FRT) MFDC transformer, proves ideal for welding applications requiring short weld times and high welding current.

FRT-MFDC welders, say WSI officials, promise to reduce lifecycle cost, improve process control for the welding of coated parts, manage weld-nugget formation, minimize the size of the heat-affected zone and minimize primary-power requirements.

Among the applications reportedly well-suited for the FRT-MFDC RW machine: ring projections, weld-through sealers, hot-dipped materials, galvanized steels, hot-stamped boron materials, aluminum alloys, nut and stud welding and high-strength low-alloy steels.

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