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Compared: Mechanical Joining Techniques and Resistance Welding

March 4, 2024

The Auto/Steel Partnership (A/SP) has completed a two-phase study comparing sustainable alternatives to resistance spot welding (RSW) in automotive applications, for joining advanced high-strength steels. Processes examined: mechanical clinching, thermally assisted mechanical clinching, self-piercing rivets, and thermally assisted self-piercing rivets.  

Researchers evaluated the mechanical and fatigue properties of these methods across various material stack-ups, noting that while RSW is a mature, high-volume process for joining steel, the industry seeks more efficient and sustainable processes with reduced energy requirements. The industry also is interested in joining processes with reduced heat input to mitigate liquid metal embrittlement in susceptible zinc-coated steels. 

Industry-Related Terms: Stack-Ups
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Technologies: Materials, Welding and Joining


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