Weld Mold Earns 2017 ASM Historical Landmark Award

July 1, 2018

ASM International has presented Weld Mold Co. with the prestigious ASM Historical Landmark Award for 2017, which recognizes Weld Mold for developing and innovating a flood-welding process for weld-die repair. Matt Kiilunen, who founded the company in 1945, was personally responsible for innovating the process, which increased die life while reducing customer costs, according to ASM International officials. The award recognizes sites and events that have played a prominent role in the discovery, development and growth of metals, metalworking and all engineered metals.

Weld Mold, Brighton, MI, provides custom solutions for general welding applications and forge welding, including a full line of specialty high-alloy welding electrodes, cored-wire and solid-wire products for welding and flood welding, and specially designed machinery to facilitate the flood-welding process.

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