Telerobotic System Enables Remote Flood Welding

January 24, 2019

With the new SafetyRobot telerobotic welding system from Weld Mold Co., operators can perform remote flood welding in a temperature-controlled environment, maintaining control using long-established best-welding procedures, according to company officials. Operators reportedly are protected from heat, smoke, fumes and radiation, as well as many health issues that may result.

A complete system package in a 20-ft.-long container is available, with everything pre-installed and interconnected, ready to connect to primary electrical and shop air. It includes a robot and controls with proprietary software; welding power source with associated equipment for running 0.035-in. to 3⁄16-in.-dia. wires; an operator station and office complete with air conditioning, heat and lighting; dual monitors, PC, cameras and video capabilities; all interconnecting cables; safety caging; and more. Weld Mold also offers two weeks of onsite training. The patent-pending SafetyRobot welding process, note company officials, recently passed an extensive safety-validation process.


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Technologies: Welding and Joining


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