Seam Welder for Fabrication of Large-Cylinder Vessels

October 5, 2020

Mitusa-Seam-WelderMitusa Inc., a manufacturer of automated welding systems, recently has shipped a 28-ft. longitudinal seam welder, equipped with unique features to ease the fabrication of large-cylinder vessels.

The welding machine includes a podium that features a monitor for viewing the weld process, a joystick for guiding the weld path if required, and a DTS digital touchscreen control for programming and storing weld schedules. Other featured seam-welder components include a retractable mandrel that drops 4 in. to provide part clearance for loading and unloading; balanced arms with rollers that automatically adjust to cylinder diameter, allowing for simple cylinder movement during loading or unloading; balanced rotating rollers that center the seam in position for welding; and an unloading push arm to ease removal of the finished vessel.  

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