Lightweight, Simple-Setup GMA and Multiprocess Welding Machines

March 28, 2019

Miller Electric Mfg. LLC has debuted the Millermatic 255 gas metal arc (GMA) and Multimatic 255 multiprocess welding machines, featuring simple setup and use for welders of all skill levels. The machines each weigh only 84 lb., half the weight of the Millermatic 252 GMA welder. The machines’ footprints, reportedly smaller than most in their class, provide more room to weld.

With the optional EZ-Latch running gear (available in single- and dual-cylinder models), both welders move easily around the shop or in the field, and disconnect quickly from the running gear for portability and operation in confined spaces. The simple user interface provides a large, easy-to-read 7-in. color LCD screen and straightforward controls, which can cut setup and changeover time by 40 percent, according to company officials. Welding operators can choose parameters with Auto-Set Elite technology, enabling selection of wire and gas type, wire diameter, and material thickness.

Programmable memory settings enable recall of ideal weld settings, and Auto-Line technology allows for any single-phase input-voltage hookup (208-240 V for the Millermatic 255 and 208-575 V for the Multimatic 255) with no manual linking.

The Millermatic 255 can weld material to 0.5 in. thick with an output rating of 230 A and 25.5 V at a 60-percent duty cycle. The Multimatic 255 also welds material to 0.5 in. thick with an output rating of 230 A and 25.5 V at a 60-percent duty cycle. And, both machines offer pulsed-GMA operation, ideal for thin materials and for minimizing splatter.

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