Coldwater Machine’s “Will It Meld” Calculator Evaluates Dissimilar-Materials Joining Applications

November 6, 2020

coldwater-machine-will-it-meldColdwater Machine, Coldwater, OH, a Lincoln Electric Company, has launched a “Will it Meld” online resource to help companies determine if dissimilar materials can be joined using its SpinMeld rotary friction-welding systems.  To use the calculator, visit and select the two materials of interest from a drop-down list of more than 35 materials. Possible results: the materials can be joined, the materials have not yet been proven to join, or contact Coldwater Machine for more information on the application.

“With the intense focus on light-weighting in the automotive industry and the increasing use of aluminum, magnesium and composites, our customers can use this tool to gain a better idea of the viability of their proposed product designs and materials,” says Dan Barry, vice president of sales and marketing.

The SpinMeld process provides high-speed joining of dissimilar materials, including steels, aluminum alloys, cast or sintered metals, magnesium, brass, ceramics with mixed-metal connections.  

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