Macrodyne Signs a License Agreement with AEM to Commercialize Gas Oscillation Forming Technology

July 28, 2022

Hydraulic press manufacturer Macrodyne Technologies Inc., Concord, Ontario, Canada, has signed a global licensing agreement with AEM Power Systems, Windsor, Ontario, an R&D, engineering design, and custom manufacturer of unique industrial heat-transfer systems and gas-oscillation forming systems for superplastic forming tools.

The agreement allows for the use and sale of AEM’s patented gas-oscillation forming technology within the global aerospace sector. The development of the gas-oscillation forming process will allow manufacturers to superplastic-form metallic sheets (aluminum, titanium, and other aerospace alloys) into more geometrically complex shapes, with higher quality and at speeds unachievable in the past, say company officials. 

“The supersonic oscillation of the gas pressure during forming is the key to the process,” explains Macrodyne director of business development Jeff Walsh. “This technological step-change has the potential to become the new standard for superplastic forming, making conventional SPF obsolete.”

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