Schuler Opens Hot-Stamping TechCenter

March 1, 2016

Schuler has opened its new research and demonstration center for hot stamping at its home base in Göppingen, Germany. The Hot Stamping TechCenter will serve as a showcase for innovative applications related to lightweight vehicle construction. Schuler has invested some 6.5 million euros in the facility’s hot-stamping line, equipped with a hydraulic press, roller hearth furnace and automation. The 1600-metric-ton press boasts Schuler’s PCHflex technology.

“PCHflex allows flexible and economical production of hot-stamped parts as much as 40-percent higher output performance and consistently high quality, combined with maximum process reliability and availability,” explains Dr. Martin Habert, managing director of Schuler in Waghäusel, Germany. The press line also is equipped with EHF technology (efficient hydraulic forming), which minimizes energy consumption and includes built-in condition-monitoring.

“Hot stamping is an important method for producing lightweight car bodies and plays an important role in Schuler’s product spectrum,” adds CEO Stefan Klebert. “Our new Hot Stamping TechCenter is proof of our innovative strength in the field of fully automatic, networked production lines and our commitment to Germany as a high-tech manufacturing location.”

The Hot Stamping TechCenter will mainly be used for the ongoing development of machine technology and lightweight-vehicle construction. Schuler also plans to use the center for customer presentations and training.
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