AI-Powered Chatbot for Manufacturing Monitoring and More

March 6, 2024

Andonix-Andi-AI-chatbot-manufacturingAndi, an artificial-intelligence (AI)-powered manufacturing chatbot from Andonix and part of the company’s Smart Work Station product suite (see video), allows factory workers to engage in human-like conversations and request expert help and support. Andi can assist with tasks such as automatically monitoring machine and process performance; solving problems; and generating action plans, checklists and work instructions. 

Features include real-time performance monitoring, allowing factory teams to consume performance metrics instantly. This makes it easier to track machine performance, equipment downtime and product quality. And, Andi integrates seamlessly with communication tools such as WhatsApp, Web, iOS, and Android, enabling efficient communication and collaboration between departments, teams and personnel.

Andi also can learn company-specific information such as machine operation and troubleshooting manuals, quality systems, HR manuals and more. It provides instant support for specific questions such as how to fix particular machine failure codes, identifying the top-three problems causing the most downtime in a machine, determining the first-time quality for the last hour, or even clarifying company vacation policies.

With Andi, users can access a manufacturing expert on demand when needed, without delays or constraints, offer Andonix officials, and can send timely automatic notifications when a problem or anomaly is detected when monitoring a machine or process. 


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Technologies: Sensing/Electronics/IOT


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