New Coupling Technology for Three-Axis Transfer System

September 1, 2015

Güdel, Inc. and ATI Industrial Automation have collaborated to develop transfer-press systems using exchangeable transfer rails secured by specially engineered couplers. The coupler upgrade mitigates common issues that cause other exchangeable rails to become stuck between die changes. With numerous production runs and die changes per day, the coupler promises to enhance productivity.

“Typically, a stamper runs one batch of parts while another is loaded for a die change,” says Güdel vice president Joe Campbell. “If the rails fail to decouple properly then the machine goes down. These new couplers, designed to withstand the high-speed, high-inertia loading environment, will make changeovers quick and reliable.”

“What was needed was an extremely strong coupling device,” adds ATI CEO Robert Little, “which could handle the stress of the rail and die set during the exchange.” The simplicity of the tool-changer design also provides clear benefits over the hydraulic system previously used, which required a lot of preventive maintenance, according to product spokespeople.

ATI worked closely with Güdel to ensure it designed a tool changer with an appropriate locking mechanism, alignment pins and sensors, all contained in a package that met the required space constraints while meeting the loading requirements.

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