Sofos Robotics Named Authorized Partner for Robotmaster Offline-Programming Software

March 10, 2023

Hypertherm Associates has announced a new partnership with Sofos Robotics Co. for its Robotmaster offline-programming software for robots. Sofos Robotics will include the software in its portfolio of robotic systems when end users require robot-programming solutions.

“Not only is Sofos Robotics a power user of Robotmaster, but it also has years of experience in robotic system sales and integration,” says Cory A. John, Robotmaster software sales manager, explaining the partnership’s value.

Sofos Robotics, Ham Lake, MN, a provider of automation and robotic integration services, uses the software to perform robotic system engineering including cell design, reach and feasibility studies, as well as for its programming services.


See also: Hypertherm, Inc.

Technologies: Pressroom Automation


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