Robotic Tool Changer a Perfect Fit for Cobots

July 14, 2021

ATI Industrial Automation

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ATI-QC7-robotic-tool-changerATI Industrial Automation, a manufacturer of robotic accessories and end-of-arm tooling, has developed a new standard robotic tool-changing and -storage solution: the QC-7 robotic tool changer. The pneumatically actuated QC-7 features no-touch locking technology and a patented failsafe locking mechanism for a secure connection between the master and tool. The design works for applications with payloads to 16 lb., and proves ideal for collaborative robot models as it integrates lock/unlock sensors without the need for an additional interface plate. 

The QC-7 Tool Changer features an integrated tool hook and works with ATI’s extensive utility-module and tool-stand offerings. 

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