Robot Sales Hit Record High for Third Consecutive Quarter

August 29, 2022

For the third straight quarter, North American robot sales hit a record high, driven by a resurgence in sales to automotive companies and an ongoing need to manage increasing demand to automate logistics for e-commerce. According to the Association for Advancing Automation (A3), of the 12,305 robots sold in Q2 2022, 59 percent of the orders came from the automotive industry.

The 12,305 units sold in Q2 is 25 percent more than sold in the same period in 2021 and 6 percent more than sold in Q1 2022. When combined with Q1 2022 results, the North American robotics market is off to its best start ever: Compared to 2021, the market has grown by 26 percent for units ordered and 29 percent for revenue.

“The larger trend towards robots being used to benefit more companies in North America continues,” A3 president Burnstein says. “This makes it critical to educate system integrators and users about how to deploy robots while keeping workers safe.”


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