Higher-Power Wireless Charging for Mobile Robots, Workstations

May 10, 2024

WiBotic-wireless-charging-1-kw-Automate 2024WiBotic has debuted its 1-kW wireless charging system to provide a larger class of mobile robots—including automated guided vehicles, automated mobile robots, industrial electric vehicles and mobile workstations—with greater range, flexibility and reliability than contact-based charging, according to company officials. In fact, the platform charges at speeds three times greater than with previous offerings. A housing connects to robots and workstations of any brand to be charged via the platform, and the WiBotic base charging unit communicates wirelessly to ascertain charging needs and to direct the robots and workstations in close proximity to the charging unit for the most effective charge. 

The platform uses resonant wireless charging, operating at higher frequencies than inductive charging to deliver power efficiently over longer distances. It removes the need for robots to physically connect to a charger, eliminating safety risks from electrical shorts and fire risk from sparking across contacts. Because the wireless power components can be fully sealed, the new platform is well-suited for difficult environments where dirt, dust, water or corrosion can lead to failed charging cycles.

The benefits of 1kW wireless charging reportedly are further enhanced when used in conjunction with the WiBotic Commander software package. With Commander, users can monitor the charging status and battery health of entire fleets of robots in real time. Charging procedures then can be implemented proactively to vary charge current and voltage to dramatically increase battery lifespan.

Interesting fact: A variant of the WiBotic system is also being developed for use on the lunar surface under contract with Astrobotic and NASA.

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