Ferris-Wheel Robotic Part Positioners

October 1, 2013

Yaskawa Motoman
Booth N818

Yaskawa Motoman, Dayton, OH, will display new models of its popular ferris-wheel-style part positioners. Two servo-driven trunnion/station axes are on opposite sides of a central sweep axis—one station is positioned in front of one to four welding robots, while the other station is outside the robot envelope where the operator loads/unloads parts. The 180-deg. sweep axis rotates the stations over/under the central axis between the robot(s) and the operator.

New slim-line positioner models have a 17-percent smaller width than standard positioners and are available with 755- and 1255-kg payload capacities. This design is similar to previous models with an overall positioner width only 1 m wider than the part span (standard lengths are 2 and 3 m); the positioner can rotate parts up to 1.3-m dia.

All three axes are servo-driven, saving cycle time by allowing parts to turn into position while the positioner sweeps. Motion of the headstock in front of the robot(s) can be coordinated to the robot(s) to make circumferential welds while the part rotates. The load station can be jogged by the operator to an ergonomic load position or to facilitate part tracking.




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Technologies: Pressroom Automation


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