Customizable, Mobile Cobot and Robot Workstation

June 7, 2023

Accufacture-Accutask-mobile-computer-workstationAs shown at Integr8 2023 in Novi, MI this past May, the AccuTask from Accufacture is a fully integrated collaborative or industrial workstation, IP54-rated for dirty, dangerous and repetitive tasks. Users can customize the workstation by selecting a cobot or industrial robot, along with a variety of options such as custom vacuum grippers, OnRobot equipment, Aim Robotics dispensing units, deburring and/or polishing units, quick tool changers, vision systems, etc.

AccuTask features a Forge/OS5 operating system designed to simplify robot programming, and a mobile base that allows for eased movement of the workstation around the shop floor. A quick-change, plug-and-play tooling interface and an array of end-of-arm tooling options reportedly allow robot retooling within minutes. Typical AccuTask applications include machine tending, pick and place, loading/unloading, packaging, inspection, machining, polishing and more.

Accufacture also offers turnkey metal-additive manufacturing robotic systems and Robotics as a Service.

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