Cobot Family Offers Precision and Speed

May 14, 2024

Kawasaki-CL-cobots-Automate-2024Kawasaki Robotics offers a new family of collaborative robots (cobots), powered with partner Neura Robotics’ robotic assistant platform. The CL series of cobots combines a speed of 200 deg./sec. and repeatability of ± 0.02 mm with payload/reach of 3 kg/590 mm, 5 kg/800 mm, 8 kg/1300 mm and 10 kg/1000 mm. The cobots also feature intuitive user interface, free mounting orientations, small footprints, IP66 classification and high-resolution integrated 24-bit encoders.

Proprietary safety architecture and many features for safety positions, speed, torque, zones, limits and collision detection allow the CL-series cobots to operate alongside human workers.

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