Stamping-Scrap Conveyor Redesigned for In-Floor Retrofits

February 1, 2011

Prab, Kalamazoo, MI, has developed an innovative offset-trough design for its ScrapVeyor stamping-scrap conveyor to meet the unique space requirements for retrofit in-floor applications. While traditional in-floor designs of the ScrapVeyor have utilized a flat or symmetrical V-style trough design, the new offset design allows the conveyor to fit within tighter spaces. It allows the conveyor to fit within an existing in-floor pit, to achieve significant
Stamping-Scrap conveyor redesigned
installation savings for the customer, say company officials.

The ScrapVeyor is a fully automated conveyor that uses positive discharge to ensure zero carryover. Its leak-proof construction retains 100 percent of cutting fluids as it transfers scrap up to 300 ft. in above-floor and in-floor applications. Larger rollers keep the flighted chain on track, while rotating flight cams provide minimum friction for cool, prolonged operation.

Discharge options include standard chute, automatic or manual pivoting swivel chutes, as well as an automatic or manual tipping chute for use with single, dual or full-size trailers or railcars.

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