Lube-for-Life Bearings Make Conveyors Maintenance-Free

February 1, 2008

QC Industries, Cincinnati, OH, has replaced its standard bearings with Lube-for-Life bearings featuring a permanently applied micro-poly lubricant designed to meet the needs of conveyors. With this change, QC Industries’ conveyors now are maintenance-free.

The greaseless design eliminates the need to periodically lubricate the bearings and grease escaping the bearings and contacting product on the surface of the conveyor. In addition, the bearings are sealed to prevent contamination from debris, extending their life.

The micro-poly lubricant is comprised of polymers and oils. The oils retained by this porous structure continually lubricate the bearing surfaces through capillary action. The precision roller bearings provide an increased surface area, which offers greater load capacities and longer bearing life.

Lube-for-Life bearings come standard on its 125-series belt conveyors, 125Z-series angled-frame conveyors, 250-series center/end drive conveyors, InnerDrive conveyors and Flextrac plastic chain conveyors. They also are available in a retrofit kit for existing conveyors.

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