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Low-Profile and Other Conveyors

October 1, 2015

Bunting Magnetics Co.
Booth S4135

Bunting Magnetics Co., Newton, KS, showcases the Bunting line of magnetic and nonmagnetic low-profile conveyors as well as the MagSlide magnetic chip and parts conveyor.

Specifications of the company’s low-profile conveyors include many variables, which enable manufacturing and processing engineers to essentially design conveyors to suit their exact needs. Among the many features available are optional magnets with decreasing magnetic force at conveyor ends, magnetic or nonmagnetic frame construction, constant or variable belt speeds, and belts for use in special environments. The low-profile conveyors feature rapid and simple belt-tension adjustments an adjustable floor supports.

The MagSlide is designed to handle dirty and oily parts, jagged abrasive scrap and other punishing materials that often damage or jam conventional conveyors. The MagSlide slide-plate conveyor is ideal for transferring ferrous chips, turnings and small parts from stamping presses, lathes or mills, or from slitting or forming operations. The MagSlide is chain-driven and uses permanent high-energy ceramic magnets inside the conveyor housing to attract and move ferrous material along the stainless-steel conveyor faceplate. Optional watertight housings permit installation in virtually any environment.
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