Manual Toggle Press with Electronic Stroke and Process Control

July 1, 2008

Schmidt Technology Corp., Cranberry Twp., PA, has debuted the hand-operated
Manual toggle press with electronic stroke and process control
ManualPress 311/PressControl 3000 system with integrated process and electronic stroke control. Designed for intricate press-fit assemblies, this toggle-press system generates high force at the end of the stroke and press forces from 100 to 2700 lb. The system offers the same sophisticated process monitoring normally associated with servo presses, according to company officials, including 100 percent process verification, complete force and stroke monitoring, and statistical process control.

It features a programmable, electronic stroke lock and mechanical clutch. When preset user criteria such as the ram reaching the mechanical stroke limit, a nominal selected press force, or a programmed stroke limit occur, the mechanical clutch engages and releases the press ram and operating handle. This feature protects the produced parts and force sensors, and ensures that the operator completes the operation.

The PressControl 3000 also can use external sensors and/or custom tooling with integrated sensor devices to verify that all parts to be assembled are complete and correctly positioned before the clutch is engaged and the ram released. The Press Control 3000 features a touch-screen display and menu-driven software. Optional data-transfer software connects the system to a Windows-based PC. Optional SPC software provides process documentation by establishing real-time Cp and Cpk values, numerically and via graphic illustrations. Process documentation and SPC operate in the background and can be evaluated and controlled from a central location.

To precisely set the pressing depth, the ManualPress 311 features a micrometer fine adjustment. The standard overall working height is adjustable from 1.97 to 5.50 in.

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