All-in-One Siemens Controller

October 1, 2010

The Siemens Drive Technologies Group in Elk Grove Village, IL, introduces the Simotion PAC machine controller, designed to handle the entire monitoring and control process, including PLC logic, motion control, drive control, motion safety, robotics control and PID control for elements such as force and pressure regulation. Not only does this greatly minimize panel space and wiring, but it also simplifies (and sometimes eliminates) field-bus configuration.

Programming in an object-oriented environment allows Simotion to convert from running a third-party drive to running a Siemens Sinamics drive with no changes to the user-code. All that’s required is to reconfigure the axis object to communicate with the Sinamics drive for quick, easy retrofitting. Additionally, metalformers need not direct hardware addresses, as everything is referenced by name and Simotion handles the hardware-address allocations automatically (I/O is optional).

Another benefit of handling all machine control functions in a PAC is that the metalformer need not synchronize multiple hardware components. For example, there is no need to pass information such as axis position to the PLC to calculate new setpoints that then must be sent back down to the drive. This simplifies the user code and improves machine response times. Metalforming applications for the controls include transfer presses, blanking lines and hydraulic and mechanical presses.

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