Rollforming a Better Metal Door

July 1, 2014

When Premier Products Inc., Monroe, LA, a manufacturer of commercial, hollow steel doors and frames, sought to introduce a newly designed door frame to the market, company president Joey Meggs went in search of a customized rollforming machine. The new door frame—a kerf frame profile with a groove for weather stripping—simplifies the application of weather stripping, saving customers valuable time in the field and improving product aesthetics.

“This wasn’t an idea new to the industry, but it was new to us,” Meggs says. To bring the idea to market, Meggs partnered with Samco Machinery, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Samco designed and built a rollforming machine that fabricates Premier’s parts and maintains the tolerances required for door-framing headers and jambs, in varying widths and heights.

“We went up to Toronto and ran sample parts to make sure the unit was working properly, and we tested again upon delivery and installation to make sure it was still doing what it was supposed to do after it was transported here,” Meggs says. 

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