JobBoss 11 Enhanced to Help Manufacturers Ship Jobs On Time and On Budget

April 1, 2009

Exact Software, Middleton, MA, introduces JobBoss 11, developed to let manufacturers meet tight, ever-changing deadlines while increasing customer satisfaction. The updated software provides the ability to more accurately schedule and reschedule jobs, as well as reallocate resources and workcenters.

Exact JobBoss 11:

• Provides customers with projected delivery during the quoting process;

• Manages workcenter capacity down to the shift level and override by date;

• Finite-schedules bottleneck workcenters, allowing better management of work flow;

• Drives the shop schedule based on material availability;

• Uses “what-if” capabilities to study the impact on workcenter loads and delivery schedules; and

• Provides immediate visibility into scheduled late jobs, missed deliveries and starts, unapproved jobs, jobs over estimates and jobs waiting on materials.

In addition, ShopBoss Advanced Scheduler, available with JobBoss 11, includes an interactive dashboard designed and built for the production scheduler. The dashboard provides visibility into scheduled late jobs, missed job starts, jobs running over estimates and jobs waiting on materials, allowing the scheduler to immediately address issues needing attention.

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