Tekna to Supply North American Ti to Uniformity Labs

June 23, 2022

Tekna-Uniformity-Labs-titaniumUniformity Labs has signed an agreement to procure Ti64 5/25 and Ti64 45/105 from Tekna for Uniformity Labs’ production of advanced titanium powders. This agreement will make available a critical North American supply source for Uniformity and increase Tekna’s output capacity and efficiency, according to company officials.

The collaboration reportedly enables Tekna to optimize the use of its production yield, which Uniformity will process to produce titanium powder for laser powder-bed fusion applications. Tekna powder atomization technology uses hydro-energy, and all process gasses are recycled in closed loops. Together, the companies will help industrial customers produce greener, more sustainable parts, according to Uniformity Labs officials. This agreement is expected to lead to further collaboration between the two companies.

“This agreement opens a critical North American material resource for us,” says Adam Hopkins, founder and CEO of Uniformity Labs. “The complementary nature of our businesses produces an economic benefit for our customers who gain through higher printer throughput and repeatability, and a supply-chain-security benefit from the use of materials produced entirely in North America.”  

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