Three Cheers for the Ford F-150

Receiving special recognition at GDIS 2010 was Ford Motor Co.’s F-150 research and development team, which received the annual Automotive Excellence Award from the Automotive Applications Council of the Steel Market Development Institute (SMDI) honored with its. The team was recognized for its cost-effective and efficient use of advanced and ultra high-strength steel, which helped to minimize the vehicle’s weight while maintaining its durability and safety.

Metalforming Tech. body structure sub system-front rails

Among the advanced high-strength steel features of the F-150 are a hydroformed front-end, low-pressure hydroformed dual-phase 780 roof rail, boron hot-stamped B-pillar reinforcement and high-strength side rails.

Here’s a partial list of presentations from GDIS 2010, available for download on demand at

  • FutureSteelVehicle—Jody Shaw, United States Steel Corporation; Harry Singh, EDAG; and Akbar Farahani, Engineering Technology Associates, Inc.
  • Lightweighting Automobile Body– Enablers and Manufacturing Challenges—Dan Grieshaber, General Motors Co.
  • Advanced High-Strength Steel Technologies in the 2010 Ford Fiesta— Shawn Morgans, Ford Motor Co.
  • A Methodology for Estimating the Potential Mass Reduction of an All Steel Body-in-White by Replacing Mild Steel with High-Strength Steel—Gregory Peterson, Lotus Engineering 
     Metalforming Tech. body structure sub system-B pillar
  • Tailor Welded Coils: Applications, Results and Body Structure Impact—Mark Eisenmenger, TWB Company LLC
  • Economics of Lightweighting Steel Wheels through Flow-Forming—Erik Waelchli, IBD Connection, Inc. 
  • Lightweight Suspension Front Lower Control Arm Design Optimization—Hannes Fuchs, Multimatic Engineering
  • Investigation of Tooling Durability for Advanced High-Strength Steels—Tareena Mulholland, General Motors Co.
  • Hydroformed Front Bumper Technology in the 2010 Ford Raptor Truck—Conrad Kudelko, Consultant; and John Cass, Amino North America.  MF

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