New Version of SPC Software Provides Real-Time Actionable Manufacturing Information

April 1, 2015

Hertzler Systems Inc., Goshen, IN, has released the latest version of its GainSeeker Suite software that turns disparate manufacturing data into actionable manufacturing information. The GainSeeker platform contains applications for overall equipment efficiency (OEE), statistical process control (SPC), defect management and costly overpack in a single software package. Version 8.4 also contains PC Collect, a new module for PC-based inspections. Reportedly simple to set up, learn and use, the module provides operators with immediate, clear visual feedback, allowing them to respond more quickly as problems occur. Inspections using the PC Collect application can be easily created using GainSeeker’s Inspections module.

Other Version 8.4 highlights include Big Data widgets that deliver an automated, prioritized summary of key issues or process changes, as they occur.

“Users can drop one or more on a GainSeeker dashboard and set a few priorities,” says Evan J. Miller, Hertzler Systems president and CEO, “and it sweeps through the data, delivering a color-coded list of priorities and opportunities. You’ll eliminate a lot of busy work and identify issues more quickly, allowing for quicker corrective action.”

The new Python scripting platform in GainSeeker enables users to customize statistics, tailor the inspection-creation process, automate data generation, design charts and more. Python scripting and statistics libraries for use with GainSeeker are also launched in Version 8.4.


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