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Maximize Your IIoT Strategy in the Cloud

June 28, 2022

Maximize Your IIoT Strategy in the Cloud

Data that lives in disconnected manufacturing siloes make it tough to analyze insights that can be used in everyday business. The industrial Internet of things (IIoT) is a network of always-connected things and systems that produce data and increase business connectivity to drive efficiency.

See how smart technology enables IIoT by:

  • Laying the foundation for automation, efficiency, and collaboration.
  • Connecting and sharing important value-added insights across your business.
  • Making it easy to integrate new devices and machines into your systems.

7th Annual State of Smart Manufacturing Report - Automation Breakout

How are manufacturers accelerating process automation to improve their business?

Automation in manufacturing is constantly evolving. Manufacturers all over the world are using automation to improve the efficiency of processes, reduce the complexity of managing modern supply chains, and combating the skilled worker shortage. In conjunction with adding levels of automation to streamline the business, manufacturers are turning to once-hyped technologies to accelerate process automation.

Plex’s State of Smart Manufacturing Report, Automation Edition, examines data collected from 321 manufacturers to reinforce the fact that technology adoption continues to accelerate at an unprecedented rate and is being used to solve some of the industry’s most critical challenges.

Manufacturing Control Starts at the Plant Floor

How to increase productivity, decrease scrap, and reduce inventory.

Smart manufacturing begins on the shop floor. Disparate systems can no longer support the needs of a modern manufacturing operation. With smart technology, you can increase process control and improve efficiencies.

Read this white paper to find out how to:

  • Achieve tight integration between engineering, quality, and manufacturing.
  • Easily track and control machine status, labor hours, production, and more.
  • Streamline inventory processes by using integrated barcode printing and reading capabilities.

Precision Metalformers Demo

Your operational and business systems should give you a competitive advantage and ensure that every area of your operation is running at the highest level of efficiency, quality, and safety.

Watch this demo and see how to:

  • Capture the “manufacturing moment.”
  • Track and trace materials and ensure quality measures are followed.
  • Respond faster to customer demands, audits, and compliance certifications.
  • Effectively manage consigned inventory at your customer, and from your suppliers.
  • Make decisions with confidence based on accurate data.
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