Exact Certifies New Apps for Manufacturing Customers

July 1, 2016

Exact has certified new app partners as part of its Exact App Center, which now features more than 32 third-party apps for a variety of complementary business functions, processes and time-saving tasks. The newest app partners added to the Exact Online App Center for manufacturers:

• Visual Knowledge Share (VKS), which allows manufacturers to standardize best practices, eradicate tribal knowledge, reduce errors and increase efficiency by quickly creating visual work instructions and sharing them with employees on the shop floor.

• Preactor, which helps manufacturers develop achievable schedules and react quickly and intelligently to changes on the manufacturing floor, by using advanced algorithms to analyze multiple scenarios. The solution accounts for multiple constraints within a defined set of business rules, allowing the planner to generate and evaluate multiple possible scenarios.

• A to B Shipping, which lets users import shipments from Exact for Manufacturing to create shipping documentation, and track shipped parcels in real-time for all major carriers. Immediately upon creating the shipping documentation, the application automatically sends customers track and trace e-mails, while also allowing the manufacturer to track the shipment status via Exact Manufacturing’s main dashboard.

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